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UNHCR Malta has trained refugees to become Refugee Focal Points (RFPs) in Gozo, an island that is part of the Maltese archipelago and accessible by ferry to the main island of Malta. The RFPs provide integration-related information to the rest of the refugee community in Gozo.   
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The project Solidarity Walls , based in the mountainous, rural area around Lake Como, Italy, shows how the hosting of asylum seekers can also benefit the local community . The project enhances the practical skills of asylum seekers by teaching them a traditional, local building technique for…
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The INTEGRA project has developed, tested and promoted new models and tools for participatory assessment of city integration performance . These policy recommendations aim to gather, analyse and summarise the results and knowledge amassed from the INTEGRA project outcomes. They are targeted at…
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The EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals has recently made changes to improve users’ experience. The tool helps individuals produce a profile of their job-related skills, as well as helping advisors make recommendations or identify next steps.

The new layout of the tool provides for a more structured organisation, adds a new feature enabling the creation of custom questionnaires and makes it possible to hide questionnaire sections that might be irrelevant in some settings. 

Additionally, the tool’s underlying software code will also be released under a free and open source license on Joinup, enabling government agencies and other organisations to implement their own versions of the tool in a way that is suitable for their own needs.

Launched in June 2017, the EU Skills Profile Tool supports the early identification and documentation of the skills and work experiences of third-country nationals in the EU. By mapping their qualifications and experiences, the tool is able to help migrants’ integration in the labour market and fosters their contribution to the growth and competitiveness of the EU economy. 

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SPEAK is a programme to share linguistic and cultural knowledge . Through the programme, anyone can volunteer to teach a language and culture as well as participate as a student in learning a new language and culture. It started as a pilot project of the Association Fazer Avançar (based…
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