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The Croatian Red Cross led a project to increase the social inclusion of beneficiaries of international protection. The project aimed at ensuring that beneficiaries of international protection without professional qualifications or without the possibility of proving them could still gain such…
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The Fit4Life project aims to promote the health and well-being of migrant women and to support their integration process. The project focuses on three elements concerning health and well-being: physical exercise/sports, nutrition, and motivation. It organises free, weekly group physical exercise…
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In most European education systems, migrant students tend to underperform and express a lower sense of well-being compared to their native-born peers. Migrant students face particular challenges, like having to learn a new language or dealing with the stress or trauma of going to a new country,…
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A new report from the Social Market Foundation has set out how better data could support UK local authorities in the development of integration strategies. The report entitled 'All Immigration Is local' highlights a number of areas in which policy and practice could be improved, including: How…
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The podcast series Europe is Working features interviews with workers about their daily experiences and possibilities of collective actions among workers regardless of citizenship status. The series speaks to local and migrant workers and stakeholders like trade unionists and academics. The interview subjects come from various economic sectors and work in different European countries—Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and Poland.

There are five episodes in the series:

Taking Care of Solidarity: Domestic Workers Fighting for Their Rights in Spain

A look at how organised domestic and care workers can find mutual grounds for solidarity with the feminist movement in Spain, and how migrant workers and local activists built a shared strike on the 8th of March.

Seasons in the Sun: Ukrainian and Bulgarian Workers in Bulgarian All-Inclusive Tourism

A journey to an all-inclusive resort on the Bulgarian coast where Bulgarians and Ukrainians find seasonal work.

A Work Oddity: Tales of Ukrainian Migrants in Poland

The story of three Ukrainians working in Poland.

Can't Buy Me Solidarity: Retail Workers in Czechia

An examination of poor labour conditions in Czech super- and hypermarkets and the possibilities for collective action.

Sweeping (Away) Poor Working Conditions: Cleaning Workers Struggle in Italy

A glimpse into working conditions in the commercial cleaning sector in Italy.

The series was supported by the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union as part of the project ‘Towards Shared Interests between Migrant and Local Workers’. The project consortium, led by Multicultural Center Prague, created the podcasts in collaboration with the Center for Media, Data and Society of the Central European University.

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