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Funds for migrant integration in Czechia

The fund listed below are available to migrant integration initiatives in Czechia. Non-profit organisations and local authorities can apply for financing through several EU funds. In addition, national and private funds are made available for service providers and other stakeholders to carry out projects aiming for a better integration of the migrant population.

The information below will be updated once the 2021-2027 national programmes under the EU funds become available. Read more about integration governance in Czechia.

EU Funds

Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) in the Czech Republic

  • Details: The national integration priorities under AMIF reflect the Czech integration policy and include language education, social orientation and support to regional integration centres and other service providers. The allocation for Czechia AMIF for the 2014-2020 period is €51,224,740. Of this amount, 16% is allocated to asylum and 55% - to integration. See the full Czech AMIF programme.
  • National managing authority: The national managing authority for AMIF is the interior ministry's Department for Home Affairs EU Funds.

European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) in the Czech Republic

  • Details: For the 2021-2027 period, ESF+ is contributing €2.4 billion through two operational programmes that collectively provide €4 billion in funding. Social inclusion is the thematic priority of both operational programmes.
  • National managing authority: The national managing authorities for the European Social Fund (ESF+) in the Czech Republic are the Operational Programme Employment Plus (OPZ+) at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Operational Programme Jan Amos Komensky (OP VVV) at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Other EU funds for integration available in the Czech Republic

ERASMUS+, the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe

National managing authority: Centre for International Cooperation in Education (DZS)

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to strengthen economic and social cohesion in the EU by correcting regional imbalances

National managing authority: Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic, Integrated Regional Operational Programme (IROP)

Other Funds

Other public funding in the Czech Republic

Private funding in the Czech Republic

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