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Tallinn – Nordic-Baltic Migration Conference 2019

Start: 29/03/2019 um 09:30

End: 29/03/2019 um 18:00


The seventh Nordic-Baltic migration conference in Tallinn focuses on the challenges of migration policies, including the role of education in the integration of migrants into the societies and labour markets of receiving countries. Speakers from the Nordic countries and Estonia will talk about the effects of study migration on countries of destination and trends relating to international students’ migration in Estonia, Finland and Sweden.

The conference will highlight results from the latest academic studies, experiences and best practices, with expert presentations from Nordic and Baltic researchers and specialists on immigration and integration of new arrivals in the Nordic-Baltic region. Topics of discussion will include:

  • Future global migration trends
  • Attracting international students to the Nordic-Baltic region
  • Trends, recruitment, retention, etc. of international students – national perspectives
  • Best practices in facilitating the transfer of international students from higher education to the labour market
  • Education as a driver for integration

The event aims to strengthen collaboration between Nordic and Baltic countries on the impact of immigration in the Nordic-Baltic region, and to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the area of immigration and integration of recently arrived migrants and refugees. The conference is open to all. Those interested in attending the conference must register by 20 March 2019.


Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Estonia, the University of Tartu, the Ministry of the Interior of Estonia and the Estonian Contact Point of the European Migration Network


KUMU Art Museum, Weizenbergi 34/Valge 1, Tallinn, Estonia