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Refugee Week Festival Malta

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The Refugee Week Festival will be held in Malta for the first time from 20 - 26 June.

The festival originally began in Australia and the UK in 1998, and is now celebrated across Europe every year. It forms part of a global movement whose aim is to highlight the contributions, creativity, and resilience of refugees through arts, community, cultural activities, and social events. Event activities in Malta will include art workshops and film discussions.

The theme for 2022 is "Healing: recognising the human’s ability to start again". The selected movies are Farewell Amor by Ekwa Msangi, and two shorts by Karrar Al-Azzawi and Mohamed Ali (Dali) Aguerbi. These films give insight into human displacement, how people cope with being separated from their loved ones, and how hope can help people cope with harsh times.

Maltese community members, artists, and organisations collaborated with Dance Beyond Borders to organise this large-scale event, which also offers the chance to network with local people and enhance the creation of a more holistic community. The project is supported by Arts Council Malta and endorsed by Counterpoints Arts UK.

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