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Refugee, migrant, guest - between moral law, human rights and reasons of state (Unofficial translation)

17/09/2021 at 17:30
17/09/2021 at 19:30

The aim of this event is to discuss the issue of categorising the current migration processes in Poland in order to prepare for upcoming migration intensification and change (e.g. as a result of new phenomena related to the climate and ecological crisis).

Discussion will include such questions as:

  • Is the granting of asylum primarily a humanitarian, moral or political problem?
  • Will strengthening borders really allow better control of immigration?
  • Is it possible to have a coherent hospitality policy enforced and practised locally, nationally and at the European level?
  • To what extent should this hospitality policy be based on moral law, and to what extent on state reasons?

This discussion will be accompanied by the awarding of the Olga Kersten-Matwin Prize for actions on behalf of people with refugee and forced migration experience, especially children and youth living in Poland. Attendees will include the Olga Kersten-Matwin Prize Laureate, Klaus Bachmann (SWPS University), Hanna Machińska (Deputy Ombudsman), Tomasz Siemoniak (Member of Parliament) and Daniel Witko (Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights).

The event - to be chaired by the president of the Batory Foundation - will be broadcast live on the social media profiles of the Batory Foundation (Facebook) and (YouTube). It will be simultaneously translated into Polish sign language.

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Fundacja Batorego
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