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Portugal: Refugee Week 2021

14/06/2021 at 18:15
20/06/2021 at 18:00

The High Commission for Migration (ACM) in Portugal is taking part in “Refugee Week”, which runs from Monday 14 June until Sunday 20 June. Various initiatives are to be promoted, in order to honour those people forced to leave their country of origin for reasons of war, armed conflict, persecution or widespread human rights violations.

Refugee Week is a global movement that celebrates the resilience of refugees and their contributions to to art, culture and society. The aim is to encourage collective awareness, openness to collaboration and participation by all. Many countries and organisations coordinate initiatives throughout the week, ranging from arts festivals, exhibitions, competitions, story telling, film screenings and museum visits to football tournaments, public lectures and school activities. There is a different theme chosen each year, and for 2021 it is “We Cannot Walk Alone”.

The ACM programme for Refugee Week is as follows:

  • 14 June, 18:15: Children and Youth Photo Contest (accompanied or unaccompanied);
  • 15 June, 11:00: Traditional children's tales from Iran to Sudan (online);
  • 16 June, 18:45: Syrian cooking workshop (online) - register here;
  • 17 June, 15:00: “TRAVESSIA” (webinar) - the stories of how six refugee women reached Portugal. Watch it here;
  • 18 June, 15:00: Webinar on the reception and integration of refugees in Portugal, hosted by the Observatory on Migration. Consult the day's schedule here, and register here;
  • 19 June, 18:15: A women's gathering, for refugee women and women who support the reception and integration of refugees to share their experiences;
  • 20: 15:00: A football game between young people from the MENA Specialised Homes, in partnership with the Portuguese Football Federation and the Coimbra Football Association.

Find further details in the attached programme.

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