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International conference: Solidarity with Refugees in our Past and in our Future

24/09/2021 um 09:00
24/09/2021 um 15:00

Solidarity is at the heart of the cooperation between the 27 Member States of the European Union. The values of rule of law, human rights, solidarity and justice are not abstract and distant; they are a binding part of EU legislation and the national legislation of EU Member States. Today, though, we are seeing a lack of mutual solidarity and ruthless political exploitation when it comes to asylum and migration in Central Europe.

As a result of this, the Organization for Aid to Refugees (OPU) in Prague is organising an international conference to identify the ways in which Central European states (and others) can contribute to more just and solidary responses by the European Union towards people seeking protection across Europe.

A detailed programme of the event's activities can be found online here, and registration can be completed here

Organization for Aid to Refugees
City Hall, Staromětské náměstí 1, (Old Town Square 1) Prague 1, Sál architektů, Old Town City Hall, 4th Floor
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