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FRA: Communicating human rights in times of disinformation

Début :
28/06/2021 à 16:00
Fin :
29/06/2021 à 16:00

In a world where disinformation is routinely presented as fact, how can human rights communicators effectively address it? How can they ensure that evidence-based, factual information shapes human rights narratives?

At this annual meeting of the FRA’s Human Rights Communicators Network, to be held on 28 and 29 June, human rights communicators will meet to share real life examples and practical tips for dealing with disinformation.

The plenary session on 28 June will seek to understand the nature and scale of the problem, and to identify tactics and strategies that communicators use to successfully address disinformation. On 29 June, during several breakout workshops for professional communicators, participants will look at real life experiences of disinformation from human rights organisations, government bodies, civil society organisations and media.

The focuses of the workshops will be as follows:

  • How international organisations can campaign to tackle disinformation in times of COVID-19;
  • NGOs under attack: combating disinformation by mobilising the base;
  • Government campaigns: tackling disinformation on migrant integration;
  • The media's role in debunking disinformation about human rights: empowering people to make choices based on facts.

The online event is aimed at both the public (28 June) and professional communicators working on human rights (29 June). Register here.

Organisateur :
Fundamental Rights Agency
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Online: platform TBC
Posté par:
Olivia Long (Migration Policy Group)