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The Amsterdam Conference on Tolerance

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The Amsterdam Conference on Tolerance will discuss the meaning of tolerance, respect, acceptance and appreciation, in order to define what a social contract of a tolerant city looks like. The event will be held online, gathering international researchers, local politicians and other stakeholders.

The conference will lead to publication of essays written by the speakers, to be published in 2022 under the title "The social contract of the tolerant city”.

The event will include:

  • a panel on the history of Amsterdam as a tolerant city, the challenges, and ongoing initiatives
  • a panel addressing the what tolerance is, how to measure it, what a social contract is and what it means for cities
  • 3 thematic sessions zooming in on work, education and sports

The confirmed speakers include Olutimehin Adegbeye, Veit Bader (University of Amsterdam), Rick Delbridge (Cardiff University), Tjakko Dijk (Dutch politician, Rahma el Hannoufi, Mikael Hjerm (Umea University), Florian Kuppis (Catholic University of Freiburg), Cees Maris (University of Amsterdam), Marcel Maussen (University of Amsterdam), Niels Meijer (Cruyff Foundation), Ryan Muldoon (University of Buffalo), Rutger Groot Wassink (City of Amsterdam), and others.

Find more about the conference and the speakers here.

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