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Advancing data-driven decision making in migration management

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In recent decades, international migration flows have not only been increasing in number but have also become increasingly complex, creating new challenges for migration management for governments around the world. Consequently, new technological solutions and approaches have been developed and adapted to allow countries to better respond to the ever-changing realities of international migration.

A central pillar of these solutions is the better use of data to run migration management systems effectively, and to make smarter and more context-relevant decisions. This conference explores the ways in which data can be used to enrich decision-making processes in migration management, and how to facilitate the development of a data-driven decision making culture in the field.

Data-driven decision making (DDDM) is the process of organisational decision making based on real data analysis rather than on intuition and observation. It has been gaining momentum in recent years in different sectors and organisations around the world. This conference will facilitate first and foremost technical discussions on possibilities, limitations and risks associated with this approach in the field of migration.

Both Online Transactional (OLTP) and Online Analytical (OLAP) Processing systems will be discussed during the conference. OLTP systems capture, store, and process data from transactions in real time and are employed to optimise procedures and to ensure data integrity when dealing with increasingly complex systems and numbers. OLAP systems, on the other hand, use complex queries to analyse aggregated historical data from OLTP systems to help countries to facilitate better data-driven decision-making by validating a course of action before committing to it.

The conference is being organised by EMN Georgia and EMN Estonia. It will be a hybrid event, taking place both in presence in Georgia and online, and will be conducted in English.

Practical information

Tbilisi Public Service Hall (PSH) and Public Service Development Agency (PSDA)
EMN Georgia and EMN Estonia
Posted by
Kristjan Kaldur
Country Coordinator

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