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Stories of Good Practice

Date Title Authority Geographic Area
02/12/2019 Support for volunteers assisting refugees in their integration City of Waidhofen an der Ybbs at
02/12/2019 Language learning to promote labour market integration Municipality of Deryneia cy
02/12/2019 Tailored integration process for migrant children and their parents in the education system District of Heilbronn de
02/12/2019 MoBio – Digital management of integration documents and processes District of Rhein-Neckar de
02/12/2019 Local initiatives for refugee integration Municipality of Schneverdingen de
02/12/2019 Promoting multilingualism with book chests District of Darmstadt-Dieburg de
02/12/2019 Language counselling as a part of labour market integration District of Darmstadt-Dieburg de
02/12/2019 Which doctor speaks my language? – Medical directory for migrants District of Darmstadt-Dieburg de
02/12/2019 From refugee to citizen – Altena, Germany's approach to refugee integration Municipality of Altena de
02/12/2019 Cultural initiatives to support diversity and inclusion Municipality of Brocēni lv