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Latest News


16 September 2020

With the newest release of the European Atlas of the Seas today, citizens from all around Europe now have access to stunning marine maps and interactive oceanic information in their own language, making the atlas an even more accessible and useful educational tool.

01 September 2020

Do you care about our oceans and seas and got a great idea how to support them? Then maybe the EU missions’ call for ideas is just for you!

01 September 2020

The pandemic isn’t the only problem for Polish fishermen: for months, their vessels couldn’t leave port due to the ongoing ban on catching cod. What’s wrong with the most popular white fish in Europe? In this episode, we visit Kołobrzeg, a Polish port city traditionally relying on eastern Baltic cod.

28 July 2020

With many Covid-19 restrictions lifted, millions of Europe’s anglers can finally go fishing again. It’s a popular hobby, bringing billions of euros to Europe’s coastal economies. But there is a catch. Critics say unrestricted fishing threatens vulnerable species and can interfere with other marine sectors. How can they find common ground?

23 July 2020

The European Commission has adopted an updated action plan for a sustainable, resilient and competitive blue economy in the EU Atlantic area, covering France, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.

20 July 2020

The European Commission and the European External Action Service have jointly launched a public consultation on the way forward for the European Union’s Arctic policy.

15 July 2020

The European Commission and the European External Action Service have launched a targeted consultation to assess development needs and options for the EU’s international ocean governance agenda.