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European Maritime Day In My Country hits a record in 2019 with 145 events!

European Maritime Day In My Country hits a record in 2019 with 145 events!

European Maritime Day In My Country hits a record in 2019 with 145 events!


EMD In My Country was very popular this year, reaching the unprecedented number of 145 events organised in 21 different countries (15 EU and 6 non-EU), attracting 25.000 participants!

The events took place from 1 April till 30 of June, including a big variety of activities:  beach-cleaning activities, guided tours of ports, workshops, conferences, seminars and exhibitions on maritime themes, eco-tours and walks in areas with significant maritime heritage (cultural, environmental), excursions by boat, visits to maritime museums or former ships, shipyards and port facilities etc. The absolute champion for EMD In My Country 2019 was Portugal with 33 events.

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A full coverage on what happened with plenty of photos from all the events can be found in Twitter under the hashtag #EmdInMyCountry


Every year Europe's maritime professionals from both the public sector and the corporate world flock to European Maritime Day (EMD), the flagship event organised by the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE), discussing the latest developments in maritime affairs and shaping future action. But EMD is not just for professionals. On a yearly basis, various European Maritime Day events crop up in different parts of Europe to extend the celebrations around the sea to the public at large, enabling many European regions with a maritime culture to join in the celebrations and highlight the vital role of our seas and oceans. These events  are spread almost all over coastal Europe countries and deal with all sorts of topics, from beach cleaning and ship restoration to seminars and musical performances.
At a time when public interest and activism about the challenges to our seas and oceans are rising steadily, the growing attendance at national events is a welcome development that multiplies the resonance of European Maritime Day, involves the public at large and brings DG MARE sustainability messages even closer to civil society.

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