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Key actors 2014-2015

Key actors 2014-2015

Key actors 2014-2015

In order to implement the Action Plan successfully at national and regional level, an appropriate implementation mechanism needs to be in place with the means to engage with national and regional actors and monitor progress. Indeed, moving towards the implementation of the priorities identified will require the involvement and engagement of a wide numbers of stakeholders, including the private sector at local level.

Key actors

The Atlantic Strategy Group

  • Mission: It provides guidance and stewardship for the implementation and monitoring of the Action Plan, and the necessary political impetus vis-à-vis relevant actors.
  • Membership: representatives of the five Atlantic Member States, the European Parliament, the Commission, the Committee of the Regions, the Economic and Social Committee
  • Chair: representative of the Member States, on a rotating basis
  • Frequency of meetings: at least one per year

The Atlantic Stakeholder Platform

  • Mission: To enable and facilitate stakeholder involvement in the implementation of the Action Plan by providing a forum for interested parties, for regular dialogue, feedback and exchanges of views. The Platform will stimulate initiatives in support of the implementation the Action Plan by bringing together stakeholders from across the Atlantic to launch projects and exchange good practice. It will also provide the framework to channel stakeholder input into the further development and improvement of the Action Plan.
  • Participation: open to all interested Atlantic stakeholders (individuals, public authorities, NGOs, organisations and networks). Stakeholders will be able to express their interest in participating in the Atlantic Stakeholder Platform to the Assistance Mechanism.
  • Meeting: events (workshops, conferences, seminars) organised in the context of the implementation of the Action Plan and a yearly general meeting of Atlantic stakeholders.

Role of the Commission

  • monitors the implementation of the Action Plan and reports to the Atlantic Strategy Group on progress made. It liaises with and receives feedback from the Atlantic Stakeholder Platform, and formulates proposals, as appropriate, to the Atlantic Strategy Group regarding the implementation of the Action Plan.
  • informs the Atlantic Strategy Group on the activities of the Assistance Mechanism and on its performance. The Commission (DG MARE) will oversee the activities of the Assistance Mechanism. The Commission will also ensure that the Assistance Mechanism fulfils its reporting obligations, in particular in the context of the service contract. 
  • ensure internal coordination among services in charge of policy areas relevant for the Action Plan (e.g. REGIO, RTD, ENTR, EMPL, MOVE, ENV). The coordination work will concern in particular directly managed financial instruments (funds, programmes).
  • liaise, as appropriate, with organisations and institutions (e.g. the EIB) that can deliver an important contribution to the implementation of the Action Plan.

Support team (from mid-2014 to end 2015)

  • will disseminate information on the Action Plan, its research and investment priorities and possible funding tools, including through a website.
  • will provide a "dating platform" to bring potential project partners together, and advise them on the use of EU financial instruments for projects implementing the Action Plan, including by the EIB, or any other public or private funding channels. 
  • will act as the "one-stop-shop" for stakeholders interested in the Action Plan, and will have an outreach function, creating and drawing on networks of organisations and individuals.
  • will organise an Atlantic Stakeholder Conference, gathering all those involved in the implementation of the Action Plan.
  • More information is available on the Support team website