Maritime Affairs

Atlantic Forum workshop - Brest

Atlantic Forum workshop - Brest

Atlantic Forum workshop - Brest

Innovation at the service of a low carbon economy

Date: 29-30/10/2012

Place: Conference centre "Le Quartz" - Square Beethoven – 60, rue du Château / BP 91039 – 29210 Brest Cedex 1 - France


Monday 29 OCTOBER afternoon
14.00 Registration of participants ("Le Qaurtz", main hall)

Opening by local and regional authorities and presentation of maritime activities in Brest and Britanny


On-site visits illustrating Europe-wide structural projects and actions (centre of excellence for the sea, maritime prefecture, traffic monitoring devices, VIGISAT-CLS radar station, marine-protected areas, Abeille Bourbon)


In parallel to these activities, the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities (CAAC) will hold a working session from 15.30 until 18.30

Programme (ES, FR, EN, PT)


Visit to OCEANOPOLIS, The Ocean Discovery Park


Cocktail buffet: OCEANOPOLIS

08.30 Registration of newly arriving participants ("Le Qaurtz", main hall)

Plenary session


Welcome speeches:

  • François CUILLANDRE, Mayor of Brest and President of the Urban Community of Brest
  • Pierrick MASSIOT, President of the Regional Council of Brittany
  • Michel AYMERIC, Secrétaire Général de la mer
  • Alain CADEC, Member of the European Parliament
  • Paul O’DONOGHUE, Member of the Committe of Regions
  • Bernhard FRIESS, Director, Diretorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission
10.00–10.30 Break

Parallel sessions (proposals for the Action Plan)


Session 1: Marine Energy Renewables – research and applications on different systems (namely tidal, wave power generators, floating wind turbines and thermal ocean energy); cooperation projects between research and testing centres, between private operators; what type of research should be developed in the futrue?

Moderator: Ignacio ABAITUA, SODERCAN (Regional Agency for innovation, Cantabria).

  • Daniel CHOMET – Regional Counsellor, Martinique – President of the Commission for sustainable development, transport and energy.
  • Marc BOEUF: Director de la Recherche et Développement de France Energies Marines, Institut Français d'Excellence sur les Energies Décarbonnées (presentation: "A research & development institute offering scientific and technology facilities for industrial development")
  • Bénédicte EZVAN, SHOM (Hydrographic and Ocdeanographic service of the Navy) (presentation: "Marine environment monitoring: a basic requirement to support Marine Renewable Energies")
  • Alain EVEN, President of the Economic and Social Committee of Brittany (CESER de Bretagne) and member of the network of the Atlantic Economic and Social Committees (RTA) (presentation: "Contribution from the Transnational Atlantic Network")
  • Jean Jacques LE NORMENT, Directorate for Mobility and Transport, assistant to the Director, head of the development project of the port of Brest (presentation: "The development project of the port of Brest (space dedicated to Renewable Marine Energies)")

Session 2: Sustainable maritime transport - research and design, clustering. Research on energy-efficiency ships ("Green-ship") – energy economies; from design to decommissioning. Research priorities at European scale

Moderator: Francis JOUANJEAN, Director of the National School of Advanced Techniques of Brittany (ENSTA Bretagne)

  • Jean-Yves PRADILLON, Maritime clsuter of Brittany (Pôle Mer Bretagne) (presentation: "Pôle Mer Bretagne and the 'vessel of the future'")
  • Patrick RONDEAU, French Shipowner’s Association (presentation: "Sustainable maritime transport")
  • Josu GOIOGANA Wärtsilä Iberica, S.A: (presentation: "Sustainable maritime transport, research on maritime energy efficient ships of the future, Greenships")
  • Raphael DINELLI, Fondation Ocean Vital, Director (presentation: "Demosntration vessel Ocean Vital")

Session 3: Maritime Safety and Security – research in New Information & Communication Technologies for: information as surveillance systems, navigation aid

Moderator: Maurice MULLEN – Irish Department of Transport, Maritime Safety Directorate, Asssistant Secretary

  • Pierre KARLESKIND, Vice-Président du Conseil régional de Bretagne, Délégué à l’Europe, la mer et au littoral
  • Yann LE MOAN, Senior Project Officer, SafeSeaNet (European Maritime Safety Agency) (presentation: "Overview of Ship Monitoring Effectiveness for Ship Traffic, Detection and Identification of Vessels and Oil Spills")
  • Isabelle PERRET, European Commission, Driectorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Policy Officer (CISE) (presentation: "Integrated Maritime Surveillance - How enhanced datasharing and coast-guard functions cooperation can improve the maritime surveillance efficiency fostering sustainable economic growth?")



Parallel working sessions on the 3 themes (2nd session)


Session 1 (part 2): Marine Energy Renewables – wind and ocean. Discussion on the different systems and technologies: specific progress and setbacks ("technology bottlenecks"). How can the setor progress towards large-scale industrialisation?

Moderator: Prof. Emilio FERNANDEZ SUAREZ – 'Campus do Mar'

  • Jérôme PECRESSE, Alstom Energies Renouvelables, President of the Renewable Energies sector and Executive Vice-President of Alstom
  • Dr Ian M DAVIES, Marine Renewable Energy Programme manager (presentation: "Marine renewable energy: Experience in Scotland")
  • Olivier DUPERRAY, Tecnalia, Marine Energy engineer (presentation: "The Basque Country regional experience")
  • Joao MACIEL, EDP Innovation (Wind Float, Portugal) (presentation: "The WindFloat Project: deep offshore wind, an opportunity for Europe")

Session 2 (part 2): Sustainable maritime transport: reflexion on projects for the 'ports of the future'; short-sea shipping routes; land-sea interface and logistics

Moderator: Matthew KING, Head of Unit, Maritime Policy – Atlantic, Outermost Regions and Arctic, Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission

  • João FRANCO, Board Executive Member, Sines Port (presentation:"Sustainable maritime transport, clustering, connectivity / intermodality, maritime transport and port logistics")
  • Michel LE VAN KIEM, Head of the innovation department, Grand Maritime Port of Bordeaux (presentation: "Maritime Transportation - The need for efficient electronic port single windows")

Session 3 (part 2): Maritime Safety and Security: what European policy and instruments for the Atlantic? Issues and perspectives

Moderator: Maurice MULLEN – Irish Department of Transport, Maritime Safety Directorate, Asssistant Secretary

  • Jean-Yves LE VEN, CETMEF (Centre d'études techniques maritimes et fluviales), Director (presentation: "CETMEF: Institute for Inland and maritime Waterways")
  • Iain SHEPHERD, MARCOM Defence (presentation: "Securing Maritime Borders")



Feedback from working sessions

  • Session 1 (1): Ignacio ABAITUA
  • Session 1 (2): Emilio FERNANDEZ SUAREZ
  • Session 2 (1): Francis JOUANJEAN
  • Session 2 (2): Matthew KING
  • Session 3 (1 & 2): Maurice MULLEN

Closing session - conclusions

  • José Antonio RUIZ DE CASAS, European Commission, DG REGIO (presentation: "Politique Régionale Européenne: Intégrer des territoires divers pour créer de la valeur ajoutée partagée")
  • Matthew KING, Chef d'Unité, European Commission, DG MARE
  • Claude WOHRER, Secrétariat Général de la Mer, General Secretariat of the Sea, member of the Atlantic Forum "Steering Group"