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Ocean energy forum workshop - Dublin

Ocean energy forum workshop - Dublin

Ocean energy forum workshop - Dublin

Second workshop of the Ocean energy forum

Date: 11 June 2014

Venue: Dublin


Final report


This workshop followed up on the initial discussions that had taken place at the Ocean Energy Forum launch event on the 4th of April in Brussels. In Dublin, the Steering Groups of the three workstreams were introduced and their members were asked to refine workstream agendas and develop a work plan for the next three months. Given that this event followed the final conference of the EU-funded SI OCEAN project, which set out to develop a strategic technology agenda and a market deployment strategy for the tidal and wave energy sectors, the participants were particularly encouraged to debate how these documents can be used in the upcoming work of the Forum.

The Conference was followed by a field trip on the 12th of June in the morning in Dublin or in the surroundings.

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