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Ocean energy

Ocean energy

Ocean energy

What is it?

Tidal current turbine which has been raised for maintenance. Courtesy of European Ocean Energy Association and Marine Current Turbines.

Our seas and oceans offer a vast renewable energy resource, particularly, but not only, along the Atlantic seaboard. Ocean energy technologies are currently being developed to exploit the potential of tides and waves as well as differences in temperature and salinity.

Why EU-level action?

The development of this emerging sector would not only help us to achieve our renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction targets, but it could fuel economic growth through innovation and create new, high-quality jobs.

The EU already supports technology development through its research programme. In 2014 the Commission published Blue Energy - Action needed to deliver on the potential of ocean energy in European seas and oceans by 2020 and beyond.

Ocean energy forum

The European Commission has developed a two-step action plan to support this emerging sector. In the first phase (2014 – 2016), a secretariat and ocean energy forum have been set up.

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