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Latest News


19 January 2018

A new report by the Arctic Stakeholder Forum, an initiative set up by the EU gathering public authorities and civil society, calls to strengthen EU investments in the world's northernmost region. Most pressing needs identified are digital infrastructure such as broadband coverage, as well as better transport connections.

18 January 2018

European tourists, and particularly sailors, boaters and water sports practitioners, are in for a treat. Soon they will be able to choose from a new series of attractive and unique formulas designed to let people discover the continent's tremendous maritime heritage, from marine archaeology to wind, from history to sport, and of course… food!

16 January 2018

The first-ever Europe-wide strategy on plastics, adopted today, is a part of the transition towards a more circular economy.

19 December 2017

In parallel with the EMD Conference in Burgas, Bulgaria (31 May – 1 June 2018), a series of local EMD events will be organised all over Europe for the public at large, so that the many European coastal regions and port cities can join in the celebrations and highlight the vital role of the seas and oceans for our life and for the economy.

13 December 2017

A new report published today highlights what the five EU funds have achieved since the beginning of the funding period, as the implementation of the 2014-2020 programmes has now reached full speed.