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European Maritime Day

Stakeholders - businesses, science, government, NGOs -   are involved in EMD in many ways:  they organise their own workshops, have stands in the exhibition space or book business-to-business meetings. They also bring the European Maritime Day to their own countries by organising their own EMD branded events.


Thematic workshops organised by maritime stakeholders are at the core of the conference. Workshop organisers design and manage their session.

B2B meetings

It will be possible to ask for matchmaking slots with other participants and post their profiles online.


The EMD exhibition space is an ideal place for stakeholders to meet, exchange experience and discuss the latest developments.

Bringing European Maritime Day to your country

Each year, while the EMD conference is the meeting point for the growing maritime community and industry professionals from across Europe, there is also a possibility for you to bring European Maritime Day in your country for the public at large, and notably the young generation, children and students.

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