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Stakeholders’ workshops are at the core of the conference. Each workshop lasts 1 hour.

Workshop organisers design and manage their own workshop.

For EMD 2022 we are planning to select 20 high-quality workshops (5 slots with 4 workshops running in parallel). 

We require that workshops have a maximum of 4 presenters and provide a minimum of 30 minutes discussion time. Workshop organisers shall apply under one of the following possible themes:

  • Decarbonisation & climate neutrality
  • Zero pollution
  • Circular economy and preventing waste
  • Biodiversity, ecosystem preservation and restoration
  • Coastal resilience
  • Responsible food systems
  • Ocean knowledge, research and innovation
  • Blue skills and jobs
  • Maritime spatial planning
  • Citizens engagement and ocean literacy
  • Sea basins, regional cooperation and smart specialisation
  • Maritime security
  • International cooperation (Promoting a sustainable blue economy abroad).

    Selection criteria

    Workshop organisers shall explain how they will focus on issues/aspects related to the theme selected for their workshop.

    We are aiming to include as many themes as possible at the EMD 2022 workshops.

    Only proposals submitted before the deadline (5 December 2021) and via the online form can be taken into consideration.

    Co-operation of applying entities: joint proposals are more than welcome.

    Usually we receive around 50 proposals. Every proposal is assessed and approved to the extent that:

    • It contributes to one of the themes, sets out clear and relevant objectives and invites high-quality speakers from the public and private sectors.
    • The format of the workshop has a European dimension and an interactive format, engaging the audience into discussion, to showcase practical solutions/good practices as well as to deliver actionable conclusions.


    1. 25 October 2021
      Launch of the call for workshops.
    2. 5 December 2021
      Deadline for the submission of application for workshops.
    3. Mid-January 2022
      Selection of workshops.
    4. Beginning of 2022
      As many workshops as possible will be included in the EMD programme. Similarly themed workshops may be asked to merge.
    5. End of March 2022
      Final information on the workshops will be announced.


    The coordinator of a workshop

    Designs the workshop, defines the objective(s), identifies speakers and sends an application to the European Commission.

    After the selection of the workshops (around mid-January 2022), the coordinator finalises the programme of the workshop and sends it (including the title of the workshop, the name of the moderator, and the list of the speakers) to the European Commission.

    Takes care of the promotion of the selected workshop within the coordinator's communication networks.

    European Commission

    Ensures the general coordination of the workshops, provides the logistics related to the rooms, the equipment needed (computer, screen, WiFi, sound equipment) and the catering. The Commission also includes the selected workshops in the programme of EMD and promotes them via its communication channels to the European maritime community (newsletter, social media, website, emails to maritime stakeholders).

    Please note that travel and accommodation for speakers is not covered by the conference budget.