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Sustainable shipping

Sustainable shipping

Sustainable shipping

The workshop will provide insights to the development of shipping as a main pillar in a future sustainable transport system.

Shipping is, without competition, the most energy efficient mode of transportation and will play an essential role in a globalized society.

However, measures need to be taken with regards to emission and energy efficiency to ascertain that shipping can be a part of a sustainable future society.

The workshop will provide insights, thoughts and proposals on this challenge.



  • Lighthouse Maritime Competence Center
  • Stora Marindagen
  • Clean Shipping Index


Chairman and moderator: Eelco Leemans, Director North Sea Foundation
Introduction - Presentation pdf - 678 KB [678 KB]

  • Prof. James Corbett, Univ of Delaware, Shool of Marine Science and Policy
  • Prof Per Kågesson, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
    Presentation pdf - 966 KB [966 KB]
  • Susanna Hambeson, Clean Shipping Network and Volvo Group Truck Operations
    Presentation pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]
  • Short Panel debate and discussion

Report of the event pdf - 20 KB [20 KB]