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Mr Francis VALLAT

Mr Francis VALLAT

President of the European Network of Maritime Clusters
Mr Francis VALLAT


- Chairman and co-founder of the “European Network of Maritime Clusters”
- Honorary Chairman and founder of the “Cluster Maritime Français”
- Honorary chairman of the “Institut Français de la Mer”
- Chairman of SIGCO (Shipowners Insurance Guarantee Company)


- Sciences Po (Institut d’Etudes Politique) of Paris
- D E S law
- Master Litterature

Professional Experience

  - Shipowner (27 years): Chairman and CEO of Van ommeren Tankers (VOTK)
  - Chairman Van Ommeren Transport ( V O T)
  - Member of the Board of “AdF” (French shipowners association): 20 years
  - Representative of France at the Board of EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency) during 10 years. Vice- chairman of EMSA during six years. Acting Chairman one year

Other Activities / Additional Information

- Member of the “General Committee” of Bureau Veritas
- Member of the Board of QACE (Quality Assessment of Certification Entity)
- Former Member of the National Committee of Lloyd's Register
- Former Vice chairman of Intertanko
- Former Member of the Board of the "UK P&Iclub"
- Former Member of the board of ITOPF
- Reserve officer of the Navy (Capitaine de Vaisseau)


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