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Side events

Side events



Let's talk about Europe Dialogue (CoR)

This citizens' dialogue focused on "Innovative Financing of Marine Projects" and brought together a wide range of local, national and European stakeholders to discuss different aspects of the maritime policy development process, especially in the Black Sea region.  In particular, the event aimed to address the following topics: smart funding of coastal projects within the scope of ESIF; the Common Fisheries Policy and its impact on the local fisheries` value chains; specific measures to improve the educational and professional prospects, as well as the living standard of the local fisheries population by financing maritime projects through financial instruments; joint efforts for the Black Sea Biodiversity and Landscape Conservation.

The event took place in the context of the EU-wide reflection on the future of Europe and at the initiative of CoR member Tanya Hristova (BG/EPP). EC representatives (DG MARE) and CoR member Christophe Clergeau (FR/PES) will also take part in the discussion.


Round Table "The Modern Dialogue for the Black Sea Region - Neighborhood, Cooperation and Partnership Area"


Flora Exposition Center, Hall №1, Bourgas
14.00 – 17.00

The Black Sea Institute Association organised a Special edition of the National Round Table "The Sea - Border or Door" dedicated to the EUROPEAN DAY OF THE SEA '2018. Traditionally through the years this event took the message “Black Sea Horizons”. The aim of the Round table was to discuss the issues of cooperation in the Black Sea region - one of the important and promising European Marine Regions. The forthcoming dialogue to build an Agenda for the development of the Black Sea region and the preparation of a National Integrated Maritime Strategy requires publicity of the discussions and the participation of the people in the formulation of the priorities and the implementation measures. Conducting this debate on the European Maritime Day is intended to give due weight to the priorities of the European Integrated Maritime Policy, to outline the prospects and challenges of achieving blue growth and to involve as many stakeholders as possible.



The 5th meeting for developing a Blue Growth Initiative for Research and Innovation in the Black Sea

The 5th meeting for developing a Blue Growth Initiative for Research and Innovation in the Black Sea has been hosted by Burgas Free University, Bulgaria, on 30 May 2018. The meeting was linked to the European Maritime Day, which took pllace in Burgas on 31 May - 1 June 2018. This meeting was jointly organised by the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation and the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the European Commission.
This is part of a series of meetings aimed to identify the research gaps and positive synergies in the process towards a Blue Growth initiative for research and innovation in the Black Sea. This preparatory work led to a Vision Paper and a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda dedicated to this region and part of a broader Maritime Strategy for the Black Sea basin.


Beach clean-up


The Waste Free Oceans Foundation organised a beach clean-up in cooperation with DG MARE, Burgas Municipality and local partners during the European Maritime Days 2018. The event  took place on 30 May, from 17h30, with a one hour activity on the beach of Burgas in direction of Burgas salt ponds. Volunteers of all ages are asked to join this operation on both days and to help keep the beach and coastline clean.


International Scientific Conference "Blue Economy and Blue Growth" (Burgas Free University)

Burgas Free University organised an International Scientific Conference on “Blue Economy and Blue Growth”, which started after the closing of the EMD on June 1st and continued the day after. Its focus was the economic, regulatory, technological and societal aspects of the development of the maritime and the water spaces and aimed, inter alia, cover the following themes: Innovation and investments in the blue economy, challenges to the infrastructure and regional development through blue growth, maritime and river tourism development, .engineering and transport solutions for water spaces and routes, digitalisation, renewable energy, seabed mining.



Film screening (Sky Media/Surfrider)

Surfrider Foundation Bulgaria and Burgas Municipality in cooperation with Sky Media organised a film screening of Sky News documentary “A Plastic Tide” followed by a discussion involving the audience. The event started at 7 pm on Friday 1 June and took place at the exhibition centre Flora in the Seaside Park.



Site visits organised by Burgas Municipality: Cultural and historical landmark AQUAE CALIDAE


The place brings together the rich history, and attracts its visitors with many different possibilities for relaxation and entertainment.

The archaeological values found on that place such as the fortress walls of the ancient city of Terme (Thermopolis), the Roman baths of the 1st century AD with a warm and cold swimming pool, and various medieval rooms are accessible to tourists through the modern footbridges that facilitate their passage and viewing.

The complex allows citizens and guests of Burgas to visit the fully renovated bathroom of Suleiman the Magnificent. Upon restoration, the original vision is strictly adhered, lined with marble and typical oriental ceramics. The authenticity is complemented by natural and artistic lightning that performs the act of a functioning museum where visitors can watch a movie based on 3D mapping. It leads the tourists to a virtual walk from the Thracian times and the Sacred Spring of the Three nymphs-healers through the Roman period, the Crusades – until the time of Suleiman the Magnificent.

The space in front of the bathroom is designed as acting amphitheatre that will bring together lovers of good music, cinema and theater.

1/6 Site visits organised by Burgas Municipality: Seaport “Sarafovo”

Seaport “Sarafovo” is constructed in 2015. The facility has a capacity of more than 100 places for vessels up to ten meters, 20 places for boats from 10 to 15 meters and 10 places for ships up to 20 meters. A market for direct sale of the catch of local fishermen to people is available. The facility has administrative building, parking lot, facilities for taking the boats into and out of the water and for repairing of vessels.

Visitors walked around the harbor and received information from the employees there.


Site visits organised by Burgas Municipality: Seaport terminal Burgas East 2 and terminal Burgas West

Participants have visited:

  • LPG Terminal – it is constructed at berth 20B. This is the only sea port terminal in Bulgaria specialized in discharging gas propane – butane. The total value of investments is almost 6 million Euros.
  • Silo Complex  - BMF Port Burgas has constructed a state of the art hi tech silo complex with equipment manufactured from the leading US and Turkish companies. The grain facility is situated in the rear area of the 31st vessel berth and allows handling of grain on Panamax vessels thanks to its draft of 14.30 meters. The Silo facility consists of silo cells with a capacity of 16000 cubic meters each. The total value of investments is almost 6.5 million Euros.
  • Technological port facilities and warehouse for discharging and storage of copper concentrate – The total storage capacity is 65000 tons of copper concentrate. The target capacity for handling is up to 1 million tons per year. The total value of investments is approximately 15 million Euros.
  • Specialized terminal for handling and storage of sulfuric acid was put into operation at the end of 2017. The total storage capacity is 50000 tons and it provides fully automated direct discharging from railway tanks into storage tanks and dispatching onto vessel. The total value of investments is above 10 million Euros.
  • BMF Port Burgas is the transshipment base of the largest logistics project (Tengizchevroil) lately. In this connection a specialized Ro-Ro Terminal is currently under development consisting of 3 new berths. The projects includes also fully rehabilitated storage area of 100 000 sq.m. at the rear. The expected total value of investments amounts ca. 38 million Euros.