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Working Together for a Clean, Smart and Safe Baltic Sea

Working Together for a Clean, Smart and Safe Baltic Sea

Monday, 19 May, 2014 -
09:00 to 10:30

This workshop aims to promote an enhanced dialogue on maritime issues in order to turn the Baltic Sea region into a maritime model region in Europe for sustainability, competitiveness and living conditions of its citizens.

The dialogue will contribute to better linkages between activities, to an increased regional identity and to a better visibility of the advantages of Baltic Sea cooperation as a whole.

Areas of common interest will be identified with a view of joint initiatives and better coordinated activities in the field of maritime issues. An enhanced dialogue with economic, social and environmental associations and other relevant maritime actors will strengthen the “maritime voice of the Baltic Sea region”. This will be complemented by a better information exchange. The organizations will support and disseminate best practice projects standing for this forward-looking policy approach aiming at strengthening visibility and raising awareness of the advantages of Baltic Sea cooperation.

Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference
Council of the Baltic Sea States
Baltic Sea States Subregional Cooperation
Helsinki Commission
Visions and Strategies around the Baltic
Joint Baltic Sea Research and Development Programme
Baltic Development Forum
Baltic Sea Forum
Northern Dimension Partnership on Transport and Logistics