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Bridging education and maritime economy in the Baltic Sea Region

Bridging education and maritime economy in the Baltic Sea Region

Monday, 19 May, 2014 -
09:00 to 10:30

The workshop focuses on smart strategies and practical approaches to link maritime education to real business needs and responding to a changing maritime job market in the South Baltic Sea Region. Thereby people, skills and the economy will be considered, educational, economic, employment and entrepreneurship agendas will be spanned and new forms of international cooperation will be stressed. Thanks to the involvement of various stakeholders, the workshop aims at providing a comprehensive and holistic perspective and addresses the most vital issues of a modern maritime education. Although locally accomplished, these approaches can also be considered as best practice examples for other regions to meet the demand of highly skilled maritime experts and to give solutions how to enhance youth employment.

Moderator: Prof. M. Grzybowski, Marta Czarnecka- Gallas (Gdynia Maritime University, Poland)

Themes and Speakers:

Introduction: Prof. Jens Froese "Image of the Maritime Profession" (European Nautical Platform)

1) The opportunities of cluster-academia cooperation
- Prof. M. Grzybowski (Gdynia Maritime University, Polish Maritime Cluster, Poland) and Prof. Catherine Legrand  (Linnaeus University, Kalmar, Sweden)

2) Labour mobility in the martime sector in the Baltic Sea Region
- Dr. Kamila Mianowicz (University of Szczecin, Poland) and Bente Vollstedt (REM Consult, Hamburg, Germany)

3) Successful educational initiatives in the Baltic Sea Region
- Dr. Sven Hille (Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Warnemuende, Germany)
- Kerstin Rönick (ITC Innovation and Trendscenter GmbH, Rostock, Germany)

Gdynia Maritime University, Polish Maritime Cluster, Department Maritime Systems (University of Rostock)