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Knowledge based Cooperative Maritime Security for the Future

Knowledge based Cooperative Maritime Security for the Future

Tuesday, 20 May, 2014 -
09:00 to 10:30

The workshop is focused on needs and modalities to launch a public-private collaboration for developing the future Maritime Security on innovative concepts:

  • enhanced awareness capabilities;
  • full cross-sectoral and cross-border cooperation;
  • extended Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE);
  • flexibility and synergies in the assets’ markets at EU level.

This strategic choice improves effectiveness and efficacy of interventions at sea, enhancing citizens' security & safety while reducing operational costs and improving economic activities.

Moderator: Luigi Rebuffi (European Organisation for Security)


  1. Giuseppe Aulicino (European Coast Guard Functions Forum)
  2. Juha Vuolle / Stefan Windisch (European Coast Guard Functions Forum)
  3. Giorgio Gulienetti (European Organisation for Security)
  4. Fernando Barbero (European Organisation for Security)
  5. Beate Gminder (European Commission - DG-MARE)
European Organisation for Security
European Coast Guard Functions Forum