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Blue growth data challenge part 2: offshore energy case studies

Blue growth data challenge part 2: offshore energy case studies

Thursday, 18 May, 2017 -
17:00 to 18:30


  • J. Murray Roberts (Professor of Applied Marine Biology & Ecology, University of Edinburgh)


  • Niall McDonough, Executive Secretary of the European Marine Board

  • Richard Heard, INSITE Programme Director

  • Mark Johnston and Mel Netherway, BP plc, Challenges and benefits of marine environmental baselines

  • Chelsea Bradbury, Marine Data Advisor, Crown Estate

  • Valter Martinotti and Silvia Camporeale, RSE Spa and CRIET advisors for Italian Ministry of Economic Development

This workshop will bring together key players in the provision, analysis, application and long-term storage of marine environmental data to discuss key emerging blue growth data issues including oil/gas decommissioning and marine renewable installation. Participants will discuss the challenges of providing holistic open-access environmental data; the issue of enabling regulators/operators/marine scientists to access information; and how to ensure that all marine stakeholders can access appropriate data. This workshop follows on from the Blue Growth Data Challenge Part 1: Engaging Industry.

University of Edinburgh
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