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The 2019 European Maritime Day conference will take place in Lisbon, Portugal. But there is not only one EMD. In parallel, a series of local EMD events are organised across Europe. This enables the many European regions with a maritime culture to join in the celebrations and highlight the vital role of the seas and oceans.

In My Country 2019 events

A big variety of events are organised in 20 different countries: beach-cleaning activities, guided tours of ports, workshops, conferences, seminars and exhibitions on maritime themes, eco-tours and walks in areas with significant maritime heritage (cultural, environmental), excursions by boat, visits to maritime museums or former ships, shipyards and port facilities etc.

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European Atlas of the Seas

Consider including a presentation of the European Atlas of the Seas, in your local event. It is an interactive tool, with lots of interesting maps and information about our oceans and seas. All you need is a screen, a mouse and a connection to the internet. All the necessary information on how to use the Atlas is available on the help page. In addition, a special webinar will be organised by the European Commission (DG MARE) on 20 March 2019 for all the organisers who would like to use the Atlas during their activity/event.

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