European Maritime Day

In My Country

There is not only one EMD. In parallel with the annual EMD Conference, a series of local EMD events will be organised all over Europe for the public at large. These public events reach out to young people and citizens across Europe under the ‘EMD in my Country’ label. The "fun and game" component of the events, mainly meant for a younger public, makes them particularly attractive to the general audience. This enables the many European regions with a maritime culture to join in the celebrations and highlight the vital role of the seas and oceans.

In My Country events 2020

For 2020, 200 EMD In My Country events have been initially registered, covering all the EU sea basins, offering a big variety of activities: eco-tours and excursions in coastal areas, beach-cleaning activities, guided tours of ports by boat, visits to maritime museums, aquaria and shipyards, art exhibitions, workshops, conferences, seminars and many other activities with maritime themes. 

Due to the coronavirus crisis and the related strict social distancing measures taken by many EU countries, a big number of events had to be cancelled or postponed, while a smaller number of events have become virtual. The list with the events that will take place in the coming months is now available (please see the link below). Exact dates for many events are still pending; the new dates will be announced gradually via this web page and Twitter (#EMDInMyCountry) as soon as the organisers will define them.




The imposing “Polvo Incognito“, a structure built with marine trash by Skeleton Sea, was installed at Praça Europa in Lisboa during the European Maritime Day.


European Atlas of the Seas

Many organisers of EMD In My Country may demonstrate the European Atlas of the Seasin their events.  This interactive tool offers lots of interesting maps and other information about our seas and oceans. 

Have a look at the 145 locations of European Maritime Day In My Country 2019 (European Atlas of the Seas).

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