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2022 European Maritime Day in Ravenna

At the core of European Maritime Day is a 2-day conference. High-level plenary sessions including inspirational speakers, leadership exchanges and stakeholders’ workshops attract experts and stakeholders from across Europe and beyond.

European Maritime Day 2022 will take place as a physical event on 19 and 20 May 2022. The programme will include an opening session with key note speakers, thematic sessions on the latest developments around maritime policies in the EU, 20 stakeholders workshops, pitch stage sessions presenting success blue projects, an exhibition, B2B meetings and networking activities.


Ravenna port

A special connection ties Ravenna with the sea. Founded more than 2000 years ago, Emperor Augustus chose it as the main harbour of his imperial fleet. Today, it is one of the most important ports on the Adriatic and a gateway to the East. 

The grandeur of Ravenna is evident in its city centre, preserving the heritage of the Western Roman Empire, of Theodoric’s reign and of the Byzantine Empire. The city counts eight UNESCO World Heritage monuments, and it safeguards the the tomb of Dante Alighieri. 

The vicinity to the Adriatic makes it a suggestive touristic destination and the ideal place to discover the nature. 

Ravenna is a town of waters, connected with the sea by canals, with rivers, marshlands and groundwater surrounding the city. The water-related heritage of Ravenna includes environmental as well as built assets, ranging from archaeological finds to contemporary industrial areas and buildings.

Water, seaside and nature represent the essential ingredients of Ravenna economy, which is based on the port and connected activities, agriculture, but also - and above all – tourism.

Discover Ravenna

How to get to Ravenna

Ravenna marina

Ravenna is in the northeast of Italy, about 75 km from Bologna, the region’s capital. A well-connected network of motorways, railways and air routes (Bologna, Forlì and Rimini) makes it easy to reach the city, and from here to move across the surrounding territory. Thanks to the Candiano canal, site of the port, the city is directly connected with the Adriatic. With a cruise terminal as well as one of the widest ports in the High Adriatic (MarinaRa), Ravenna is the water gateway of Emillia-Romagna.


Ravenna beach © Fabrizio Zani

There are many options for accommodation in Ravenna: hotels, bed and breakfast, historical villas.

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The venue

Pala De André_ph_Silvia Lelli

Pala De Andrè
V.le Europa 1
8121 Ravenna

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Ravenna Seaside Events

Ravenna beach ©Nicola Strocchi

After the end of EMD 2022, Ravenna awaits you with a rich program of events, performances, experiences and guided tours. The guests of the conference may enjoy a long weekend dedicated to the city of Art and to the Seaside.

The programme will be available in the first months of next year. An opportunity to extend your stay in Ravenna and to find the Italian beauty experience: stay tuned!