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As the European Commission prepares its new guidelines on sustainable aquaculture to be released in February, this episode of Ocean tells the success stories of two very different family-run aquaculture companies — one farming organic mussels in an isolated area of the Atlantic coast of Ireland, another growing trout at a popular touristic destination in landlocked Hungary.

Quality packaging is essential to the shelf life of seafood products. Today, the bulk of packaging is made from single-use plastics, thus representing a big source of pollution. The food processing industry is therefore looking for sustainable alternatives, and the EU-funded FISH4FISH project is part of the solution.

At their 11 December ministerial meeting, in the presence of Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius, Black Sea countries agreed to strengthen regional cooperation on the blue economy. This cooperation, established in 2019 under the so-called common maritime agenda, should boost synergies across countries and sectors and will benefit the entire region.