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Atlantic stakeholder conference - Porto

Atlantic stakeholder conference - Porto

Atlantic stakeholder conference - Porto


Date: Tuesday 20 January 2015
Venue: Porto, Portugal

As part of the implementation of the Atlantic Action Plan, the European Commission invites stakeholders to share their practical knowledge and ideas at the Atlantic Stakeholder Platform conference. The stakeholder platform is to be an annual event and will be the central hub for stakeholders of the Atlantic Strategy to meet, greet, seek ways of cooperation, share information and secure funding for example with the help of the the Support team for the Atlantic Action Plan.

Side activity

Blue Fish will be hosting a ‘Come on Board’ event in the margins of the conference. Participants are invited on a guided tour of a working fishing boat with fishermen from Portugal, France and the UK.

More information can be found on the Blue Fish website

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Plenary session

  • The role of the EIB in the Atlantic Strategy, Mr Mario Aymerich, Director at the European Investment Bank - Presentation
  • Support Team for the Atlantic Action Plan by Kantor Qwentes - Presentation

Parallel Session A1: Atlantic Tourism
How to implement the marine leisure dimension of the Atlantic Maritime Strategy

  • Francois Arbellot, Director of Nautisme en Finistère - Presentation
  • Inma Valencia, Director-General for the economy and European affairs for the government of Cantabria / CPMR Atlantic Arc Commission Presidency - Presentation
  • Rui Azevedo, Oceano XXI - Presentation: en, pt
  • Stephen Conlon, Irish Marine Federation - Presentation
  • Paul Wickes, CEO Cornwall Marine Network - Presentation
  • Workshop report

Parallel session C1: Environment
Towards coordinated preparedness and response to spill of oil and hazardous materials in the Atlantic regions

Parallel session D1: Science and technology
Best practices in the sustainable development of the ports

  • General presentation
  • Flávio Augusto Bastos da Cruz Martins, associate professor, University of Algarve - Presentation
  • María del Mar Cerbán, Lecturer of Applied Economics, Universidad de Cádiz - Presentation
  • Hendrik Lohse, Director of the Port Institute for Education and Research (IPER) - Presentation
  • Carlos Botana, Jefe División Medio Ambiente Autoridad Portuaria de Vigo - Presentation
  • Jaime Beltran, Manager of Assessment and Improvement IAT - Presentation
  • Workshop report

Parallel session A2: Atlantic Tourism
Developing an European network of fisheries villages

Parallel session C2: Environment
Addressing marine litter in the Atlantic region – How different sectors within society can contribute to solutions

  • Richard Thompson, University of Plymouth
  • Andy Cummins, Surfers Against Sewage
  • Joana Mira Veiga, EUCC
  • Lia Vasconcelos, New University of Lisbon
  • Kathrin Kopke, CMRC-UCC
  • Workshop report

Parallel session D2: Blue Economy
Maritime spatial planning in the Atlantic: learning from experiences and future opportunities

Parallel session A3: Science and technology
Real time evacuation systems on passenger vessels and safety at sea

Parallel session B3: Blue Economy,
Blue biotechnology- Recommendations to overcome SME development barriers in the Atlantic marine biotechnology sector

Parallel session D3: Science and technology,
Knowledge clusters to drive investment and employment

Parallel Session A4: The Atlantic diet
Why include food from the sea in your diet

  • Ángeles Romero Rodríguez, University of Santiago de Compostela - Presentation
  • Maria Isabel Filipe de Oliveira Braga da Cruz Guimarães, Portugalfoods - Presentation
  • Manuela Vaz Velho, Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo - Presentation
  • Workshop report

Parallel Session B4: Environment
Atlantic coastal operational oceanographic observatory

Parallel session C4: Blue Economy
Liverpool, global maritime knowledge hub for Atlantic stakeholders

Parallel session D4: Science and technology
Development of novel ingredients derived from marine fishery waste for sustainable aquafeeds


Atlantic stakeholder conference - Porto

Atlantic stakeholder conference - Porto

Atlantic stakeholder conference - Porto

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