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Frequently asked questions

Career: Where can I find out more about maritime jobs and education?

The 28 EU countries have different systems for informing people about vacant posts and different types of education. For that reason we can unfortunately not give specific information about maritime careers in all Member States. If you are interested in working or studying in another Member State, the EURES portal gives access to a great number of vacant posts, and information about learning opportunities.

What are the main activities of DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries?

DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries is the Directorate-General responsible for the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and for the integrated maritime policy at the European Commission.

How do I find contact details to Commission staff?

  • The Commission Who's who gives names and contact details inside the Commission.
  • To contact a specific member of staff, please use the following e-mail address format: firstname.lastname@ec.europa.eu. For further assistance, contact the address information service .
  • Commission switchboard: +(32) 2 299 11 11.
  • Postal address: EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, B-1049 BRUSSELS, BELGIUM
  • Our location: rue Joseph II 99 (main entrance) 1000 BRUSSELS (see code J-99 on the map of Commission buildings)

Where can I find statistics on EU fisheries?

For detailed information about landings in specific EU countries you should contact the authorities of the respective countries.

Basic figures on the CFP may be found in the section 'EU fisheries – key facts.

You can also visit the website of EUROSTAT (the EU Statistical Office). The procedures to obtain further information are explained on the website.

For more global fisheries statistics you can visit the website of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations), which also provides different fisheries statistics.

Where can I find contact details to the national fisheries authorities of EU member states?

DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries keeps a list of national fisheries ministries in EU Member States. For issues in relation to the European fisheries fund, please refer to our list of competent authorities.

How do I find EU legal texts and official documents?

For a complete list of all EU legislation in force, including modifications, please refer to the EUR-Lex database, available free of charge.

The Official Journal can be ordered from your nearest sales agent of the Office for Official publications of the European Communities. It is also available on the EUR-Lex site.

May I make a link to the Atlas of the Seas' website?

Yes, of course! Linking to Commission websites for non-commercial and lawful purposes is authorized and free of charge. More information on how to make links is available on the Europa web site.