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About this site

About this site

About this site

About this site

Welcome to the European Atlas of the Seas. The website is managed by the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, one of the departments, which make up the European Commission.


The objective of the Atlas is to offer a diverse range of information about Europe's seas including:

  • Maritime policies and activities
  • Sea depth and underwater features
  • Tide amplitude and coastal erosion
  • Fishing quotas per species and per zone
  • European fishing fleet
  • Maritime transport and ports statistics
  • Outermost regions


The atlas runs as a separate application with the following features:
Language: select English, French or German by clicking 'languages' in the scroll menu of the banner.
Geographical scope: select a region to view by:

  • zooming and panning with your mouse
  • clicking one of the red boxes in the world map box (for example, to select one of the outermost regions or return to Europe)
  • clicking 'shortcuts' and selecting a region from the banner's scroll menu (for example, to select a specific sea-basin).

Themes and subthemes: select a theme by clicking it in the themes box. Here you can also select sub-themes. Often there is more information available through the map or through links displayed in the information box.
Favourites: save, select and organise your favourite maps using the 'Favourites' scroll menu of the banner.


Search: introduced search terms in the search box give a search only in the Fisheries web site of Europa. The Search tool from the service toolbar extends the search to the entire Europa website.

News coverage

Please note that the news items announced on the website only cover the policy areas under the responsibility of DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.
This means that if you wish to keep up to date on policy areas, which fall outside the remit of our DG, you have to consult the appropriate specialised website.

Linguistic policy

This website adheres to the general language guidelines set out for EUROPA which recommend, where possible, to provide the public with the information they are looking for in their own language. However, due to translation constraints and the fact that certain items (eg news) are time sensitive, some information is only available in English. To display translations of documents, click on the language icon and select the language of your choice.
Legislation and other official documents are available in all EU languages from the European Commission's EUR-Lex website.
Linked documents are provided in as many languages as possible. Official documents are available in all the languages which were official at the date of publication. Other linked documents, of a non-legally binding nature and a more specialised content, may be offered in fewer languages.


The atlas runs as a separate application, which requires Adobe® Flash®. This software can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website.
When navigating this site, you may need specific software to view some files. Many documents available for downloading on this website are published as PDF documents. The Adobe® Reader® lets you view and print PDF files on all major computer platforms. This software can be downloaded for free.


The information available on this site may be reproduced on condition that the source is acknowledged.
See the copyright notice