Representation in Malta

Work for the European Union

Permanent & non-permanent positions

As a national of an EU country, you’re eligible for employment with the EU institutions, who employ over 40,000 people – mainly in Europe, but also in offices around the world. 

To apply, you’ll have usually have to enter an 'open competition'. These are managed centrally by the European Personnel Selection Office on behalf of the following institutions:

Some institutions have their own recruitment procedures:

Temporary jobs

There are also temporary positions available with EU institutions, agencies and bodies. 

You can also get information on vacancies from the individual EU agencies/bodies themselves. 


Most of the institutions also offer traineeships for graduates.

Short-term contracts

The European Commission may also employ secretarial staff on short term contracts via temporary employment agencies.

The list of opportunities on this page is not exhaustive – for the full picture about EU careers, see the EPSO website .