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    Deliverables and Tools

    Tools Research and Innovation monitoring Internal use European Commission Free access Anticipation Tool used for on-demand studies on trends in techno-scientific fields Document similarity...

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    COVID-19 Open Research Dataset in TIM

    COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19) In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and with the view to boost research, the Allen Institute for AI together with other leading research groups is collecting...

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    Tutorials & Documentation

    book_laptop_adobestock_119020466_crawpixel.com_.jpeg Find below some tutorials and documentation for the TIM analytics tools. If you don't find an answer or need further help, don't hesitate to contact...

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    Coronavirus research monitoring and CORD-19

    TIM Analytics monitoring of research and innovation on Coronavirus

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    About TIM

    Rationale Data... a supposedly gold mine. For many of us, it is rather seen as a necessary evil we have no choice but to deal with. In a majority of policy...

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    TIM custom systems

    Our tools and expertise can be applied to various policy fields with a technological component. We have developed specific solutions for external organisation in the frame of collaborations...

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    TIM trends

    adobestock_158956350_copyright_wrightstudio.jpeg ©WrightStudio This project aims at developing new methods and tools for detecting variations in large datasets. For example, the methods applied to scientific publications databases allow to detect new t...

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    TIM Custom

    data_hands_world_adobestock_140735452.jpeg Some users have datasets they cannot exploit. Whenever it is possible, the TIM analytics team tries to import these datasets into a dedicated instance ...

  • News 29/04/2020

    Launch of TIM Open Access containing the Covid-19 open research dataset (CORD-19)

    JRC launched a new text mining tool 'TIM Open Access' containing the Covid-19 open research dataset (CORD-19). TIM Open Access is open to anyone…

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    A TIM space dedicated to the covid19 crisis is made available here. Users can explore various visualisations and better understand the state of research on coronaviruses through patents,...