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Geographic coverage
  • Publication 15/10/2020

    Sankey diagrams of woody biomass flows in the EU-28

    Sankey diagrams of woody biomass flows in the European Union as a whole are now available for the years 2009 to 2015 on the European Commission’s Knowledge Centre for Bioeconomy w...

  • Publication 07/02/2020

    The EU bioeconomy: supporting an employment shift downstream in the wood-based value chains?

    Monitoring employment in the European wood-based bioeconomy requires reliable, consistent and comparable statistics across subsectors and over time. Statistics concerning employment in wood-based industries—the main c...

  • Dataset

    Raw Materials Scoreboard 2018

    The Raw Materials Scoreboard (henceforth ‘RM Scoreboard’), a cornerstone of the European Union Raw Materials Knowledge Base (EURMKB) and an integral and permanent part of the Raw Materials Inf...

  • Dataset

    Country Profiles

    The database table contains all the datasets needed to build the charts in the country profiles section of the RMIS. The columns of the tables are: country, year, value, stage, description...

  • Publication 26/01/2017

    Forest bioeconomy - a new scope for sustainability indicators

    The report provides insights into the potential use of forest-based sector indicator sets in Europe. It builds on the rich experience gained with sectorial indicator tools, and connects to aspects...