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  • Publication 25/05/2020

    IEA Renewables 2018 report

    Analysis and forecasts to 2023

  • Publication 25/05/2020

    IEA Renewables 2019 report

    Analysis and forecasts to 2024

  • Publication 12/05/2020

    Global Renewables Outlook: Energy transformation 2050

    The Global Renewables Outlook shows the path to create a sustainable future energy system. This flagship report highlights climate-safe investment options until 2050, the policy framework...

  • Online Resource

    IRENA - Data and Statisctics

    Detailed, accurate and timely data and statistics are essential for the monitoring and evaluation of renewable energy policies and deployment. IRENA helps analysts, policy makers and the public make…

  • Publication 24/04/2020

    Renewable Capacity Statistics 2020

    This publication by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) presents renewable power generation capacity statistics for the past decade (2010-2019) in trilingual tables. Renewable power generation...

  • Publication 07/03/2020

    Global Energy and Climate Outlook 2019: Electrification for the low-carbon transition

    This edition of the Global Energy and Climate Outlook (GECO) analyses the role of electrification in global transition pathways to a low Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions economy. Electricity is found...

  • Publication 29/10/2019

    EU renewable energy policies, global biodiversity, and the UN SDGs

    How are European energy policies affecting biodiversity and ecosystem services in countries globally? EKLIPSE has published the report on how are European energy policies...

  • Online Resource

    Database IEA Bioenergy

    Global database of biomass conversion facilities, including advanced biofuels, combustion, gasification and pyrolysis plants.

  • Dataset

    Baseline GECO 11/2018

    The economic Multi-Regional Input-Output tables used in the Global Energy and Climate Outlook (GECO) 2018 for the baseline scenario are presented. The Baseline scenario represents a projection of the world...

  • Publication 26/07/2019

    Renewable Energy and Jobs – Annual Review 2019

    The widespread adoption of renewable energy technologies creates employment opportunities up and down the supply chain. Worldwide, the sector employed 11 million people at the end of 2018, according...