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Firstly launched in 2007, the Global Innovation index (GII) is now a widely recognised benchmarking tool for ranking about 130 economies by innovation around the world. The 2020
In September, the webinar series UBC TALKS will dive into the in-depth discussions of implementing SDGs in the Baltic Sea Region by UBC Member Cities, with contribution by the Joint Research
Minderoo’s Global Fishing Index is an ongoing, independent, global study that tracks national-level progress towards ending overfishing in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. The Index t
he Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) project merges the indicators from two major EU initiatives, the KETs observatory and the Digital Transformation Monitor. In addition, the project implements
This workshop brings together DEVCO Unit 04, with scientists of the European Commission’s Competence Centre on Composite Indicators and Scoreboards (COIN) with a view to discuss together how t
The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre is hiring five Quantitative Policy Analysts and five Trainees on Quantitative Analysis to work in the Monitoring, Indicators and Impact Evaluation U
New studies published today by the JRC explain the relationship between human mobility and the spread of coronavirus, as well as the effectiveness of mobility restriction measures to contain the pandemic. The findings,
The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted Europeans’ life, preventing much of the economic and social life happening in cities. In this context, culture and creativity have played a central r
he fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic is causing unprecedented uncertainties in global food supply chains, with potential bottlenecks in labour markets, input industries, agriculture