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About CC-ME

The Competence Centre on Microeconomic Evaluation (CC-ME) supports impact evaluation of EU policies by using existing micro-data, which allows to analyse the social impact of EU policies on individuals and in small geographical areas.

The Centre serves as a focal point of reference for support across a wide range of areas of EU policies, by providing advice on data collection and evaluation design, capacity building for the application of counterfactual methods, microeconometric analysis and counterfactual impact evaluation.

It also provides infrastructure for evaluation knowledge management, in the form of a (Micro) Data Bank and an Evaluations Bank.

Quantitative evaluation of EU policies across a variety of socio-economic outcomes could greatly contribute to the Better Regulation Agenda, the European Semester and the targeting of the European Structural Investment Funds.

About this site

CC-ME is one of the Knowledge and Competence Centres piloting the development of the Knowledge4Policy (K4P) web platform.

While some of CC-ME's major outputs are already published within this site on K4P, CC-ME will therefore continue maintaining its existing site until all of its content has been migrated.