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Non-state actors

The power of non-state organizations and forums is growing as they play an increasing role in addressing various challenges – e.g. the various Mayors' organizations, NGOs, expert groups – challenging but also complementing the standard policymaking organizations; therefore, coordination and cooperation among the different actors should increase.

  • Decentralized self-supporting organizations will spread to help cope with hyper-changes.
  • Increasing independent, solo-preneurship and flexible work systems lead to errosion and loss of significance of hierarchy, improved living standards and changes to the governing systems. | Related Megatrends:​ Work
  • Permanent parliamentary "Committee for the Future" (like the one in Finland) should be established in all countries, to provide foresight for government and improve policymaking.
  • Future strategy units for heads of State and Government should cooperate with corporate, UN, EU, and academic future strategy units to improve international strategic coherence and coordination.
  • “Democracy 4.0” should be expanded to enable comprehensive and transparent participation in the decision-making process
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