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Slovenia AI Strategy Report

AI Strategy

The development of a national AI strategy for Slovenia is ongoing. A high-level working group consisting of representatives of various ministries, research institutions and government departments has been put in place to develop the strategy. This working group is currently drafting the strategy outlining the various policy initiatives to support Slovenia in increasing its international competitiveness in AI. As artificial intelligence is a multidisciplinary field, the working group takes a holistic perspective towards strategic actions and policies in AI, targeting among other the following objectives:

  • Analysing the state of artificial intelligence in the country;
  • Strengthening technological and industrial capacities in the field of artificial intelligence; 
  • Responding to socio-economic changes, such as changes in the labour market, education system;
  • Examining possible foreign best practices in this field;
  • Formulating proposals for systemic regulation of the field;
  • Providing an appropriate ethical and legal framework;
  • Harmonising systemic system proposals with country and EU strategic documents;

One of the main flagships of the Slovenian strategy is the establishment of an international AI research centre in Ljubljana, as reported in April 2019. The research centre will be located in the premises of the Jožef Stefan Institute and will make use of the existing research staff. However, the research subjects will be drastically different. The department of intelligence systems will be transformed into a centre focusing on governance and policies in AI. In order to improve scientific research in the fields of AI and big data, Slovenia is currently rolling out the HPC RIVR VEGA project to establish a national high-performance computing infrastructure.

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This document has been prepared in the context of AI Watch and the OECD AI Policy Observatory.

AI Watch is the European Commission knowledge service to monitor the development, uptake and impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Europe, launched in December 2018.

The OECD AI Policy Observatory (OECD.AI) is an inclusive hub for public policy on AI. It aims to help countries encourage, nurture and monitor the responsible development of trustworthy AI systems for the benefit of society.

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