Knowledge for policy

About AI Watch

Many of today's debates about AI are based on opinions, hearsay andassumptions – not always on facts and science. To ensure quality input and to inform policy-making, DG CNECT and DG JRC have set up this knowledge service, AI Watch, to monitor the development, uptake and impact of Artificial Intelligence for Europe.

It will monitor and assess European AI landscapes from driving forces to technology developments, from research to market, from data ecosystems to applications.  

AI Watch will monitor the implementation of the Coordinated Plan including strategies and investment.

From these in-depth analyses, we will be able to understand better Europe’s areas of strength and areas where investment is needed to boost AI in in Europe.

AI has a wide range of potential economic and social implications including new forms of economy and governance. AI Watch will provide an independent assessment of the impacts and benefits of AI on growth, jobs, education, and society.

AI Alliance

To get AI right, AI Watch needs to be a collaborative endeavour with Member States, industry, research and  related initiatives such as the European AI Alliance.