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Gewalt in städtischem Lebensraum

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1998-040-W Prevention of violence against women throughout Europe. Research and seminar for volunteers.
1998-077-W Piloting systems of reporting and intervention in domestic violence - ISIDE
1998-111-WC Radio information campaign - Non-Violence Info - Local community stations
1998-152-W Sexual harassment in the workplace - AFRONTAR
1998-156-W Safe Cities for Women
2000-064-C Directory of organisations working in the area of missing and sexually exploited children
2001-028-WYC Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) of Somali women and girls in Finland and Denmark - Development of community-based methods
2002-234-WYC Building of a Europe-wide telephone hotline for violent men - Data base, conference
2003-070-WYC Violence against women - Develop an editorial policy on Radio France International with the cooperation of UNICEF
2004-2-008-YC Separated Children in Europe - Translation and dissemination of the SCEP Statement of Good Practice
2006-1-053 Peer violence in the public space. Everyday experiences of young teenagers in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.
2006-1-069 Assessing and Preventing Violence in National and International Recreational Settings for Young People
2006-1-121 EARN in JVO : European Assessment of Risk/ Needs in Juvenile Violent Offenders
2006-1-127 Artsafe & Conflict Transformation
2007-785-C Violence linked to Sensory Impaired People: a case of awareness-raising
2007-863-Y Tourism, Recreation and Violence: a European Level Study (TRAVELS)
2010-1/349 Prevention Of Violence through Education to Legality (POVEL)
JLS/2009-2010/DAP/AG/1091 Project Lead - Inform to Prevent
JLS/2009-2010/DAP/AG/1391 Europe’s Antibullying Campaign
JUST/2008-1/233 - JLS/2008/DAP3/AG/1233 TESYA PROFESSIONAL


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