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Violence in schools

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1997-066-WC Help families facing drug-related violence against women and children - Grain de sable
1998-193-WC On The Safe Side - Guidance to schools, women’s groups and community organisations about personal safety
1998-249-C Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse - Improve the competence of those who have first contact with children
1999-025-C Violence in children aged 6-13 - Study of vulnerability in Europe - The EVE project
1999-051-WC Breaking the cycle of violence in poor socio-economic conditions - The role of women
1999-163-W Domestic violence - Training and on line working support for health professionals
1999-203-W Everyday Violence in Working-Class Families - women speak up, resist and act
1999-268-W Violence towards disabled and battered women - Instrument for data - The IRIS project
2000-234-W Combat domestic violence - preventative training through existing local educational organisations or groups - The POMBA project
2000-252-W VIOLETA 1 - Prevention of domestic violence - network of institutions, bodies and public administrations from EU
2000-332-W Creation of a European Information Centre on Violence against Women - Europe-wide database
2001-166-WC Violence against children and methods of intervention - From Silence to Words
2001-214-W Addiction work with women who have experienced violence - Models of good practice, courses
2002-081-WYC Education for a violence-free society: Guide for the prevention of violence in 20 educational centres
2002-248-W Women survivors of past sexual abuse - Network, models, care-giving unit - The FIL D'ARIANE project
2003-090-YC Disappearance and sexual exploitation of children - Directory of organizations working in this field
2003-206-W A gender violence vigilance system in a European setting - Indicators for mediation
2004-1-070-YC 24 hours Children Helpline for neglected/abused and missing children
2004-2-001-WY ISS-Injury Surveillance System - Extension to violence towards teenagers and women
2005-1-041-WY Date rape cases among young women - Development of good practices for support and prevention


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