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Violence in institutions

49 projects found
1997-177-WC Violence and abuse of autistic women and children
1998-028-C Sexually abusive behaviour - Best practice and policy guidelines for staff, educators and social workers
1998-112-C Analysis of male violence in the Armed Forces and assistance to victims and their families
1999-025-C Violence in children aged 6-13 - Study of vulnerability in Europe - The EVE project
1999-057-W The role of the media in the prevention of violence towards women - Instruments for the use by journalists
1999-203-W Everyday Violence in Working-Class Families - women speak up, resist and act
1999-318-W Sexual exploitation - End their enslavement by pimps - The Cabiria 2000 project
2000-072-W Women who are victims of physical and psychological violence in High Normandy
2000-190-W European network of health care relating to conjugal violence
2000-265-WC Identifying the health needs of trafficked women and adolescents - Ethical guidelines for interviewing women victims of trafficking
2000-334-W Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) - Awareness-raising, training and information for General Practitioners - None touches Eve
2001-166-WC Violence against children and methods of intervention - From Silence to Words
2002-038-WYC Domestic violence and violence towards women street prostitutes - Multidisciplinary networks - Say No To Violence
2002-067-YC Protection of children against paedophilia, sexual exploitation and abductions - Create a social shield
2002-090-WYC Children and young people - European Network Preventing Violence - Website, data base, conference, training modules
2003-051-Y Instruments for adolescents who are victims of violence - Prevention training courses, counselling services
2004-1-105-YC To restore the bond parent-teenagers
2006-1- 247 Study on Violence Prevention in the Educational Institution " Kindergarten"- Present Approaches and Development Possibilities
2006-1-042 Violence against Children in Conflict with the Law: A study on indicators for better data collection in Europe
2006-1-044 Networking with youth to combat violence against separated children


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