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Violence in family

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1997-025-WC Protection against violence in their families for young women of muslim origin in Germany - PAPATYA
1997-123-W Preventing domestic violence: European review of current practice
1997-148-C Parenting children who have experienced domestic violence - Training information pack
1997-249-WC Women Against Violence - Network of aid organizations - WAVE
1997-428-C Ending of physical punishment of children campaign - Promote child-rearing
1998-020-C Ending of corporal punishment of children through education - ISPCC Ireland
1998-035-C Violence in the home. Animated film for children and young people
1998-040-W Prevention of violence against women throughout Europe. Research and seminar for volunteers.
1998-077-W Piloting systems of reporting and intervention in domestic violence - ISIDE
1998-083-C Sexual abuse of young people - Survey of support services
1998-115-W Information campaign on violence against women - Training, guidelines for the general public and professionals - The ALCIPE project
1998-124-WC Creation of a support centre for women, children and young people victims of maltreatment.
1998-127-WC Action against domestic violence - Transnational network of experts from NGO women’s projects
1998-130-WC Prevention of alcohol-related violence - Guidelines and target group analysis.
1998-205-C Balance between legal protection and therapeutic support for sexually abused children and young persons
1998-211-W Violent Men - What to do with them?
1998-230-WC European network of non-gouvernmental institutions to fight violence against women and children - WAVE
1998-249-C Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse - Improve the competence of those who have first contact with children
1999-044-WC Teenage tolerance to violence and abuse particularly in dating relationships - Research, on site support
1999-048-WC Violence towards migrant women - professional strategies on the cultural approach


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