Daphne Toolkit

Violence in domestic context

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2004-1-042-YC European peer review of good practice: a tool to combat domestic violence
2004-1-056-Y Street work: increase of the International Dynamo network and trainers training in communication with the media
2004-1-127-YC TESYA – Trainings, Empowerment and Support for Youth and Adults
2004-1-165-W Work as a safe place for woman - Information campaign against woman sexual harassment at work
2004-2-045-WC Adapting the Training Programme on Combating Violence Against Women originally produced by WAVE
2004-2-046-WYC Daphne-Toolkit 2005 website updating
2004-2-069-WY Health of trafficked women and adolescents - Policy, advocacy and good practice recommendations
2005-1-019-C Listen to me now - abused children under special protection
2005-1-040-YC Needs assessment and awareness raising programme for bullying in schools
2005-1-069-W Violence against new immigrant women: improving the evidence to inform policy and services in the European Union
2005-2-041-WC Violence at home and alcohol addiction - POLYPHEM
2006-1-136 Anonymous sheltering of young victims of violence
2006-1-238 Kinder und Jugendliche gegen Hausliche Gewalt – " Sprich mit mir!"
2006-1-269 Building Peace Together: Community-Based Preventive Programme to Stop Peer-to-Peer Violence
2006-1/073 Estimation of the economic cost of conjugal violence in Europe (IPV EU_COST)
2006-1/088 MUVI - Developing strategies to work with men who use violence in intimate relationships
2006-1/134 Meta-analysis of the recommendations issued from the DAPHNE projects on intimate partner violence
2006-1/184 Ways of implementing the EU Directives on Violence against Women, Children and Youth: Good Practices and Recommendations
2006-1/185 A course for professionals working with women victims of stalking
2006-1/211 ProTrain: Improving multi-professional and health care training in Europe – building on good practice in violence prevention


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