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Sexual violence

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1997-014-C Seminar on sexual abuse of children - Network - Secrets that destroy
1997-028-C Child sexual abuse - Vision and reality - Save the Children Sweden
1997-066-WC Help families facing drug-related violence against women and children - Grain de sable
1997-182-WC Disabled girls and women - Prevention of sexual violence
1997-283-W Women's sexual harassment at the work place - The PANDORA project
1998-019-C Child sexual-abuse - Victims and perpetrators rehabilitation - For professionals
1998-065-C Building self confidence in children in the prevention of sexual abuse - Information Campaign for Parents
1998-083-C Sexual abuse of young people - Survey of support services
1998-115-W Information campaign on violence against women - Training, guidelines for the general public and professionals - The ALCIPE project
1998-125-WC Statistical study on the sexual abuse of women, young people and children with mental disability among the Andalusian population. The STOP project
1998-205-C Balance between legal protection and therapeutic support for sexually abused children and young persons
1999-019-C Young perpetrators - Action plan for Europe
1999-050-W Eliminate violence against women - Exchange of good practice - EWL 3
1999-064-W Strategies initiated and developed by Migrant Domestic Workers (MDW) themselves to combat violence - RESPECT
1999-086-C Protecting and empowering young girls victims of violence - Making Young Voices Heard
1999-169-C Learning disabilities against violence and bullying of children and young people - A campaign by people
1999-210-W Trafficking in women and girls in the Baltic Sea region - Training, creation of National Focal Points
1999-271-WC Violence against women and children - Legislative texts, CD-Rom, conference, recommendations
1999-275-W Best practice training and materials for working with perpetrators and their (ex) partners - DVIP
1999-276-C Integration of services within systems of child protection within EU member states


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