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Physical punishment

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1997-148-C Parenting children who have experienced domestic violence - Training information pack
1997-428-C Ending of physical punishment of children campaign - Promote child-rearing
1998-020-C Ending of corporal punishment of children through education - ISPCC Ireland
2001-225-WYC Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Europe - Seminar, training, guide
2006-1-042 Violence against Children in Conflict with the Law: A study on indicators for better data collection in Europe
2006-1-125 Respect works out – Mit Respekt geht’besser
2007-1/022 Realising Rights? Mapping content and assessing impact of EU legislation on violence against women and children
2007-825-C Protecting children in child protection systems
2007-842-WYC London Metropolitan University (Child & Woman Abuse Study Unit)
JUST/2008-1/257 - JLS/2008/DAP3/AG/1257 Back up the Children. Health symptoms caused by violence (PTSD). Trainings for professionals in social care settings
JUST/2009-2010/DAP3/AG/1059 Be Supportive, not violent! Positive parenting for happy Children
JUST/2009-2010/DAP3/AG/1346 End violence against children in custody
JUST/2009/DAP3/1AG/95 Multi Family Training pack for professionals working with abusive and violent high risk families
JUST/2009/DAP3/AG/1122 Smack free home for every child
JUST/2010/DAP3/AG/1153 Prevent and Combat Child Abuse: What Works – An overview of regional approaches, exchange and research
JUST/2010/DAP3/AG/1274 Educate, do not Punish!
JUST/2010/DAP3/AG/1337 Contribution to eradication of use of corporal punishment on children whitin family and institutional fields
JUST/2010/DAP3/AG/1379 Involved by right: ensuring children's active participation in the child protection system
JUST/2012/DAP/AG/3250 Coordinated Response to Child Abuse and Neglect via Minimum Data set
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