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Physical assault

24 projects found
2004-1-101-WY Improving the response to intimate partner violence in military settings
2007-785-C Violence linked to Sensory Impaired People: a case of awareness-raising
2007-825-C Protecting children in child protection systems
2007-864-Y Formation of non-violent behaviour in school and leisure time among youths from violent families (STAMINA)
2007-865-W Estimated mortality by "Intimate Partner" Violence (marital violence) in Europe
2010-1/395 Comparing Sexual Assault Interventions (COSAI)
JUST/2011/DAP/AG/3012 CIRCLES4EU - tools to reduce sexual re-offending
JUST/2011/DAP/AG/3021 Empowering Women Rough Sleepers (WRS) To Protect Themselves from Violence on the Streets (Phase II)
JUST/2012/DAP/AG/3250 Coordinated Response to Child Abuse and Neglect via Minimum Data set
JUST/2012/DAP/AG/3274 Sport respects your Rights - Youth Sport stands-up for Youth
JUST/2012/DAP/AG/3448 Writing beyond the silence: promoting autobiographical writing competences to help survivors of gender violence
JUST/2013/DAP/AG/5330 Bleeding Love: Raising Awareness on Domestic and Dating Violence Against Lesbians and Transwomen in the European Union
JUST/2013/DAP/AG/5364 EUBULLY – Addressing bullying in the physical and virtual classroom incorporating cyber bullying
JUST/2013/DAP/AG/5472 Child Advocacy Centre - toward better protection of child victims/witnesses of violence in close relationship
JUST/2013/DAP/AG/5655 Anti-bullying strategies in schools
JUST/2014/RDAP/AG/VICT/7364 Life skills, leadership, limitless potential: Supporting children and young people affected by sexual violence in Europe by strengthening and facilitating participatory practice
JUST/2014/RDAP/AG/VICT/7365 WE GO! Women Economic-independence & Growth Opportunity
JUST/2014/RDAP/AG/VICT/7378 Strengthening psychosocial methods and practices to build resilience of female victims of domestic violence.
JUST/2014/RDAP/AG/VICT/7382 GEMMA against Violence: Gender based Empowerment of Migrants through a Multiagency Approach


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